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Terms and conditions


These terms and conditions set out the legal terms of offer and sale of items on our web-site (further refered to as « site»). Items on the site are being sold directly by Samkovich Daria Borisovna (further refered to as Priv. Enter. Daria Samkovich), IIN 770565074563, further refered to as «Seller» (or «We» or «Us» or «Our»), with Our head office based in 2 Klimentovsky pereulok str., 117105, Moscow.


All information inquiries should be mailed to Our Client Service by phone: +7 495 792 93 12 or by e-mail: For additional legal information regarding orders, delivery, refunds and returns of items purchased on, see Section Exchanges and Returns.


1.                  Privacy policy

1.1 By publishing the following Terms Priv. Enter. Daria Samkovich (further refered to as «Seller») offers a nonbinding number of private individuals to enter into an Agreement of buying and selling Goods (further refered to as Agreement) on the website based on the conditions listed below.

The Seller offers the Goods/Products for Purchase on the website for final customers of the Goods only (further refered to as «Customer» or «Buyer»).

1.2 «Customer» - an adult able individual who has an intention to order or purchase or an individual who purchases and uses the Goods for personal needs or for the needs of his/her family members or other needs that are not connected with carrying out enterpreneurial activities.

1.3 The following Terms serve as the Public Offer and address all of the Conditions of the Buy-Sell Agreement through Online Sale of Goods and regulate the relations between the Seller and the Customer.

The Customer-Seller relations are subject to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, specifically the Conditions of the Retail Business as well as the Consumer Rights Protection Law and the Conditions of Online Retailing.

1.4 The following Terms regulate only the offer, delivery and receival stages of orders completed on among the Customers of the website and Priv. Enter. Samkovich D.B.

1.5 The Seller keeps the right of making changes to the following Terms and updating the Terms on the dedicated website page on a mandatory basis. In these circumstances the Consumer is subject to monitoring those changes in an independent manner.

1.6 The following Terms prevail in importance over any other documents published on the website.

1.7 By placing the Order the Customer assumes the responsibility of Payment, Receival and Maintanance of the Public Offer while the Seller assumes the responsibility of transfering the prepaid Goods into ownership of the Consumer in accordance with the Conditions of the following Public Offer.


2.                  Execution of Agreement between Seller and Customer

2.1 To place the order for 1 (one) or more Goods on the website You must fill in the online-order form and mail it to the Seller according to the following instructions.

2.2 The information regarding the basic features of the Goods such as Price (including costs from taxes and duties), Payment method, Terms of Shipping/Delivery, Cost of Shipping/Delivery as well as the Terms of Return is provided in the Order form.

2.3 The order is considered accepted after the Seller receives and checks the online-order form for accuracy.

2.4 Before completing the Order make sure to carefully read the Terms of Sale, print out these Terms and save the copy of these Terms for personal use.

2.5 Your order form will be stored in Our data base for the time frame necessary to process your Order and in accordance with the Federal Law. You can access the form of Your Order in the Shopping Cart Section.

2.6 After You complete Your Order, it will be processed by the Seller.

2.7 The Seller has the right not to process the Orders that bear little guarantee of solvency or if the Order has been completeled partially or in a wrong way or if the ordered Goods are no longer available for Sale. In all the aforementioned sequences we will send you a notification that Your Agreement has not been completed and the Seller has not processed Your Order in accordance with the following reasons. If the Goods sold on website have not been available since Your last website visit or if the Goods sold on website have not been available by the moment the Seller has received Your Order, the Seller must inform You about the product sell-out within five (5) days of the receival of Your Order by the Seller. If the total cost of the out-of stock Goods has been fully covered by the Customer, the Seller must refund the sum of the Purchase to the Customer.

2.8 By sending the Order form to the Seller, You must adhere to the following Conditions of Sale in accordance with the Buyer-Seller Agreement. We kindly ask You not to Order from Our website if you do not agree with the following Conditions of Sale.

2.9 After receiving the Order form the Seller must send You a confirmation letter with your Order details (Conditions of Sale, the Product`s basic features, Price information, Terms of Delivery and Terms of Payment).


3. Guarantees and Costs

3.1 The Seller must not engage in activities of selling second-hand, defected or poor quality Products.

3.2 The Products` basic features are listed on dedicated Product Pages on Our website. The featured Products may sometimes have inaccuracies regarding the image and color information depending on the internet browser You use and the brightness parameters the screen of your device has.

3.3 The Prices on Our website can be subject to change in accordance with Point 1.5. Make sure to check the final price of Your purchase before completing the Order.

3.4 The Seller saves the right of not refunding the Return Order that has lost its trade condition or if the time frame of completing the Return has exceded the limit of 14 calendar days since receiving the Order.

3.5 In case of an unforseen situation such as the Seller setting the wrong Price for the Product (due to software failure, hacker attack or staff mistakes) the Seller must immediately inform the Buyer so that the buyer could repeatedly place the Order for the Product featuring the correct Price or deactivate the Order completely.

If the Seller under any circumstances cannot contact the Buyer after the Order has been placed, the Order is considered deactivated. If the Buyer has pre-paid for the Purchase, the Buyer receives a refund for the sum spent on the Order.

The Seller keeps the right of deactivating the Customer`s Order if the Price paid for the Product was incorrect even if the Product is ready to be shipped to the Customer; if the Price mistake is obvious and cannot be doubted or if The Seller believes the Price mistake could not have gone unnoticed by the Customer.


4. Payment

4.1 Payment procedure for the order and the delivery/shipping must comply with one of the following options:


5.                  Shipping and delivery of Goods

For shipping and delivery information see Section Delivery and Costs. We kindly ask You to read this section carefully. The information found in this Section serves as an integral part of the following Terms of Sale and thus should be taken seriously. Make sure You carefully read this information and agree to the following Terms before placing Your Order.


6.                  Client service

For additional information please contact Our client service by phone: +7 495 792 93 12 or by e-mail:


7.                  Returns

7.1 You can return the Goods without paying the penalty charge or giving explanation for returning the Goods within 7 days* after receiving Your online Order.

7.2 To return the Goods You must fill in the Returns form and send it to +7 495 792 93 12 or within seven (7) days since receiving Your Order.


8.                  Privacy Policy

8.1 The personal data of the Consumer/Buyer is processed in accordance with the Federal Law on Personal Data № 152-FZ.

8.2 Upon registration on Our website the Consumer provides the following personal information: his/her name, contact number, e-mail, date of birth, address of delivery.

8.3 Providing his/her personal data to the Seller, The Consumer/Buyer/Website User agrees to the data processing which the Seller uses for the marketing purposes of the business such as online promotions, polls by e-mail and sms, evaluating the results of marketing, client service, delivery activities, as well as customer satisfaction and product quality.

8.4 Data processing consists of any activity (operation) or group of activities (operations) performed by means of collecting, recording, systematising, accumulation, storage, updating, changing, extraction, usage, transfer (including but not limited to use of third parties as well as transfer across borders if needed), anonymization, blocking or disposal of the Consumer`s personal data.

8.4.1 The Seller keeps the right to send informational and advertising/promotional materials to the Buyer via e-mail or SMS with the Buyer`s consent received by means of carrying out such activities that identify the Buyer`s expression of will to receive such materials. The Buyer/Consumer can stop receiving advertising materials without explanation on his/her part by informing Us about such decision by phone: +7 495 792 93 12 or by e-mail:

Service messages informing the Customer on the status of his/her Order are mailed automatically and cannot be turned off by the Consumer.

8.5 The Seller has the right to use the cookie technology which keeps the Consumer`s confidential information. With the following the Consumer gives his consent to collect, analyse and use his cookies by Our website and third parties for the purpose of collecting statistical data and optimising advertising messages.

8.6 The Seller receives the information regarding the Consumer`s ip-address. This information is not used for the purpose of personal identification.

8.7 The Seller is not responsible for the personal details the Consumer provides on the website that is accessible to the public.

8.8 The Seller has the right to record phone calls with the Consumer/Buyer while keeping the responsibility of preventing attempts of unauthorized access to personal data, collected by means of recording phone calls or transferring it to third parties that are not directly enaged in The Order`s execution, in accordance with Paragraph 4 Section 16 of the Federal Law on Data, Informational Technology and Data Protection.


* In accordance with paragraph 21 of the Government Decree of Russian Federation as of 27.09.2207 № 612 «Rules of Online Sale of Goods».